Back to School

I had some good practice on game dev related things in spring, but decided to enroll in Laajasalon Opisto for Game Production course. It’ll be bit more “curated” game dev learning experience, with plenty of opportunities to work in teams and finish some projects.

Almost three weeks later, can say I’m enjoying the experience. A lot of new thoughts about game design, and few thing learned of myself, when slightly bored, I tend to procrastinate by doing something harder (or impossible):

  • This project is going pretty well, but how about making your own game engine for it?
  • Level design is interesting but … I could do it procedurally!
  • I should probably make some tools to build the levels, before I even start doing it manually.

Make a game engine and you’ll never have to worry about building a level.

On other news, kayaking, it’s great! I won’t start a yakking blog, but I’ll share few images. It was an interesting feeling to see my metal map expand through the blue areas. There are a lot of nice places just 20 minutes away with boat. I can also visit islands that I spent so many summer weekends in at Päijänne.

Special thanks to Vit for the intro that started this tangent!