I’ve always loved roguelike games, especially ones like ADOM that have overworld that ties the dungeons together in one believable world. So, it naturally follows that my first game project will probably be a roguelike. I’ve never actually finished one before, so it’s going to be a lot of learning about interacting with mobs, items, map etc.

Last month I’ve made a bunch of small prototypes, testing ideas and what style I would like to pursue.

My first bit more polished project now has 3D-map (think Dwarf fortress) which is also chunked for the sake of infinity (think Minecraft). Interacting with items, like the door in this image, is done with right-click context menu.

For prototyping, I’m using graphics by Dungeon Crawl and pipoya.


Next on my list is probably a task based system, where opening a door will result few tasks for the character to perform, like:

  • Move next to the door.
  • If door is locked and character has key: unlock the door.
  • Open the door.

I’m taking some inspiration (but definitely not making it as complex) from Goal Oriented Action Planning.