Software Game Developer

Developing games full time has always been a dream of mine. Working professionally as software developer has given me a lot in terms of skills and knowledge, but also taken a lot in time and energy to do the thing I actually started this whole journey for.

Well, I’m finally giving it an actual chance, and resigned from my full time job at Unity. Working at Unity I was tantalizingly close to actual game development and developers, but working in ads it was also so very far.

I’ll be looking for jobs in game development, but also using time to develop my skills by, well… actually developing games, reading books and maybe taking some courses. I’ll try to document the journey here, maybe collect some tips I learned along the way.

I’m using Godot for my main engine. As someone who has played with SDL and my own engines a lot, it does things in very similar way as my “ideal self-built engine” would have. I understand it, and it understands me.